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Position: Partner; Born: 1963; admitted to bar: 1993, Xiamen, Fujian Province; qualified as Securities Lawyer: Feb 2000;qualified as independent director of the board of listing company in stock market jointly conferred by the China Securities Regulatory Commission ( CSRC ) and the School of Management of FUDAN University: May 2002; Education: Suzhou University (LL. M. of Shanghai Social Sciences Academy 1990), Shanghai East China Normal College (LL.B. 1983); teaching in Overseas Chinese University 1983-1987; director of legal dept of China Songhai Corp. subordinating to China Naval Logistics (1990-1993).

Member: China Law Society; Xiamen Bar Association; engaged by Xiamen Patent Bureau as "Patent Infringement Investigator and legal counsel " since Dec2000; Alpha Universal World Trade Lawyers Organization.

Practice Areas: economic and trade laws, international investment laws, real estates, civil laws, intellectual property, securities.

Author: (major published dissertations)

1. "Precognition Rule" of Compensation for Contract Infringement,
Aug 2001, published in the "Collection of Outstanding Attorneys Treatise of Xiamen Bar Association"

2. Challenge of E-Commerce Against Traditional Legal System,
Aug 2000, published in the "Collection of Outstanding Attorneys Treatise of Xiamen Bar Association", winning the 1st award in the symposium sponsored by Xiamen Bar Association

3. Infinite Business Chance in Internet
--talking from soaring of the American Stocks with Internet Concept,
Mar25 1999, published in Xiamen Daily

4. Flow of Personnel and Protection of Commercial Secrets,
Sept3 1997, published in Xiamen Daily

5. Domain Name's Regulating Rules,
June18 1997, published in Xiamen Daily

6. Recognizing Domain,
June9 1997, published in Xiamen Daily

7. Standardize Surety and Safeguard Creditor's Rights,
Aug19 1995, Xiamen Daily

8. Relation between Documentary Credit and Sales Contract,
May 1994, "Xiamen International Economy and Trade" Paper

9. Lifelines of Export Trade
Nov19 1993, Xiamen Daily

10. American Anti-defraud System,
Sept25 1992, Xiamen Daily

11. The Exposure System of the America's Stock-listing and Dealings,
July31 1992, Xiamen Daily

12. Bring the Function of Chamber of Tourism into Full Play,
July1992, published in the "Tourism Academic Journal"

13. The America's Weapon to Protect its own Trade
--commentary on the America's Trade Clause No.301,
Nov2 1991, Xiamen Daily

14. The New Order of the International Economy Should Go Beyond Regional Economic Mode,
Oct1991, Xiamen Daily

15. Research on EU Tourism Contract System,
April1991, published in "Tourism Research & Practice"

16. The America's Stocks Law System,
Dec 1990, published in "Suzhou University Journal"

17. Epidemic and International Travel,
April1990, published in the "Tourism Academic Journal"

18. Research on Traffic Infringement in International Travel,
Mar1990, published in the Tourism Academic Journal

19. Formation, Applicable Subjects and Basic Content of International Tourism Law,
Dec1989, published in "Suzhou University Journal", later winning the 3rd award of Xiamen Social Sciences Dissertation

20. Comparison of the Favorable Treatment Granted to Foreign Investment Enterprise,
Dec1989, published in "International Economical Trade & Law" journal

21. Establishment of Rights of Freedom in Travel in Int'l Tourism Law,
Nov1989, published in "International Economical Trade & Law" journal

22. Various Situations of LC/Contract Discrepancy, Duties and Resolutions,
July 1989, published in "International Market" journal

23. Research on Int'l Tourism Legislation,
Mar1989, published in "International Economical Trade & Law" journal

24. EU Tourism Legislation, Policy & Practice,
Mar1989, published in "Tourism Academic Journal"

25. Application of Law in Int'l Economical Contracts,
Dec1988, published in "International Economical Trade & Law" journal

26. Master's Spirit Is Key To Raise Hotel Service Quality,
Dec1986, published in "Tourism Essays"

27. Research on Teaching Reform in Adult Standard Education,
Dec1986, published in "Overseas Standard Education" journal.

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